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Here are some links to sites which offer information on Diego Rivera.
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Diego Rivera
Links and information, in Spanish.

Diego Rivera Internet Mansion
Diego Rivera resources.

PBS American Masters: Diego Rivera
PBS resource on the Diego Rivera television special.

Diego Rivera Mural Project
In Spanish and English.

eLibrary Articles
A large number of articles on Diego Rivera, available online.

Diego Rivera: WikiPedia
Online Encyclopedia entry on Rivera.

Diego Rivera: Artcyclopedia
Directory of links and viewable art.

Andres Blaisten Museum: Diego Rivera
Biography and images of Diego Rivera.

A Visual Biography of Diego Rivera
Rivera's life through images and pictures, with captions.

Gianadda Foundation: Diego and Frida
Exposition page focusing on the art of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

Tate Collection: Diego Rivera
Information on Rivera and images of his works on display at the Tate museum.

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco: Diego Rivera
Pictures of Diego's works in the FAMSF collection.

San Diego Museum of Art: Diego Rivera
SDMA's page on Rivera, with biography and images.